About RAGE Conference

Welcome to the RAGE Conference (“RECENT ADVANCES” in Gynaecological Endoscopy & Urogyanecology) organized by Altius Hospitals. This annual conference is dedicated to highlighting the latest advancements in the field of gynecological endoscopy and urogynecology. With the participation of national and international speakers from around the world, the RAGE Conference serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and promoting excellence in these specialized areas of healthcare.

At Altius Hospitals, we firmly believe in the power of education and continuous professional development. The RAGE Conference is a testament to our commitment to bringing together the brightest minds in the field to discuss cutting-edge research, innovative techniques, and best practices. By providing a comprehensive platform for exchange, we aim to empower delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver the highest standard of care to their patients.

The highlight of the RAGE Conference is the live relay streaming of 40-50 live surgeries during the workshop. This unique opportunity allows delegates to witness firsthand the intricacies and nuances of complex surgical procedures performed by experts in the field. The live surgeries provide invaluable insights, enabling attendees to stay abreast of the latest surgical techniques, equipment, and approaches. This immersive experience sets the RAGE Conference apart from other medical conferences and contributes significantly to its success.

With over 600 delegates attending each year, the RAGE Conference has gained a reputation as one of the most prominent and influential events in the field of gynecological endoscopy and urogynecology. The diverse audience includes gynecologists, urogynecologists, surgeons, researchers, residents, and medical students, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere for learning and networking. Participants have the opportunity to engage with renowned experts, exchange ideas, and establish professional connections that can shape their careers.

The comprehensive scientific program of the RAGE Conference covers a wide range of topics, including advances in diagnostic tools, surgical techniques, post-operative care, and the management of complex cases. Renowned speakers, selected for their expertise and contributions to the field, present the latest research findings, share their experiences, and engage in interactive discussions with the audience. The conference also features panel discussions, case presentations, and workshops that provide delegates with practical insights and hands-on training.

Beyond the scientific program, the RAGE Conference offers a vibrant social agenda, including networking events, social dinners, and cultural activities. These opportunities facilitate informal interactions among delegates, fostering collaboration and friendship among like-minded professionals from different corners of the globe. The supportive and inclusive environment of the conference encourages open dialogue, idea-sharing, and mentorship, creating lasting connections among participants.

The success of the RAGE Conference would not be possible without the visionary leadership of Dr. B Ramesh, the Founder and Medical Director of Altius Group of Hospitals. Driven by his passion for advancing healthcare, Dr. Ramesh has been instrumental in shaping the conference into the exceptional event it is today. His commitment to innovation, patient care, and professional development has earned him respect and admiration within the medical community.

We invite you to join us at the RAGE Conference, where knowledge meets excellence, and innovation thrives. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a budding researcher, or a medical student, this conference offers a unique opportunity to expand your horizons, learn from the best, and contribute to the advancement of gynecological endoscopy and urogynecology. Together, let us continue to push the boundaries of medical science and improve the lives of patients worldwide.

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